Why ARK?

While ARK is a newer Calgary charity, the organization is filled with many volunteers who have extensive experience in accessibility renovations and non-profit or charity management. Our team has recognized the need to help children with mobility challenges, and will do whatever is needed to ensure as many families as possible can benefit from ARK’s resources.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Sue Trefry and Cindy Eberth – Co-Chairs

Sue and Cindy have many years of experience and education in non-profit management, as well as experience managing accessibility renovations.

Sue has a strong project management background in her career as well as in non-profits.  Cindy has extensive marketing and communications experience with several non-profits.  Cindy also runs a gourmet baking company – Chartier Specialty Sweets.

EJ Schiiler – Treasurer

EJ operates her own bookkeeping business and brings a broad depth of business and finance experience to ARK.

Glynis Carling – Secretary

Glynis recently retired from Imperial Oil as a senior environmental advisor.  She has extensive experience working with government and business organizations, school boards and non-profits.

Heather Patrao-Rasiah – Events Director

Heather is an Event Planning Specialist for the Hunter Hub of Entrepreneurial Thinking at the U of C.  She is very experienced with planning and executing events and programs for both non-profits and corporations.

Bridgit Kong – Volunteer Director

Bridgit is an accomplished director who works as a Maintenance/Tenant Coordinator at Real Property Management Access.

Athena Cooper – Marketing Director

Athena is a talented email marketing specialist at Lululemon Athletica. She also has many years of experience working in web development and administration.

Committee Members

Hailey Hahn – Events Committee Member

An accountant by trade, Hailey is actively involved in the Calgary dance community as a teacher and choreographer.

Lina Barakeh – Events Committee Member

Originally from the UAE, Lina is an interior decorator who is also a fun-loving yogi.

Margarita Zakharova – Events Committee Member

An avid home decorator, Margarita works in insurance at Wawanesa. She is currently studying event management.

Erin Van Horn – Marketing Committee Member

Erin works as a program service coordinator at Shaw Communications. He also runs his own social media consulting business.

Lucia Gomez – Marketing Committee Member

Lucia hails from Venezuela and has a love for children and design. Her graphic design background has brought her a passion for photography. A bilingual pre-K teacher, little ones can always easily bring a soft smile to her face.

Heather Snider – Marketing Committee Member

Having traveled to Korea as a English teacher, Heather has an appreciation for complicated communications.  Heather has spent time working with Victorian Poetry and has accumulated a broad education including studies in English Literature, Sociology and Linguistics.

Jose Marcos – IT Coordinator

Jose is an experienced IT administrator with years of experience working in Spain.

Praveen Kumar – IT Committee Member

Originally from India, Praveen has extensive experience in systems administration and networking.

Luke Hume – Finance Committee Member

Luke is a Senior Financial Analyst for Deloitte. He has a lot of experience with financial reporting and accounting.

Tim Tse – Finance Committee Member

Tim is an accountant currently with MNP.

Melanie Lai – Finance Committee Member

Melanie is also an accountant at MNP.

Melinda Vaz – Projects Committee Member

Melinda joins us with  interior design experience. Having been in the industry for a number of years, she’s seen how crucial an impact accessible design can make in the lives of people.