Jaydon is a beautiful 5-year-old boy who is living with Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy describes a group of conditions where the brain does not communicate properly with the muscles, causing movement and coordination issues and usually resulting in paralysis. (To learn more about CP click here.)

Although his CP hampers his mobility a fair amount, Jaydon is a joyful, giggly and cuddly fellow. He keeps himself a going concern by scooting around the house on his bum.

Jaydon’s parents, Amanda and Matt really have their hands full.  It’s a full-time job keeping up with him, his active 2-year-old brother, Mason, and Jaydon’s twin brother Braydon who has his own struggles with developmental delays and epilepsy.

After meeting Jaydon’s family and visiting their home, ARK has determined that there are several ways we want to Reshape Their World to make their daily lives a little easier. We have built an outdoor wheelchair ramp and are currently constructing an accessible bathroom in their basement.

If we are able to find the resources, we also hope to install two chair-lifts on the stairs leading to the basement and the upper floor.

Of course, none of this will be possible without the generous support of people like you!

ARK relies entirely on donations of time, materials and financial support. Without your help, we are helpless.

With your help, we can reshape their home. We leave our homes everyday, we come home everyday. We take this simple act for granted. Now, imagine lifting children and wheelchairs up and down stairs, risking damage or injury every time you leave your door. We can change this for Jaydon!

With your help, we can reshape their routines. As children grow up, they strive to be more independent. What does it mean to a child to be able to use the bathroom by themselves? To brush their teeth on their own? And, as they get older, the privacy to shower by themselves? How much freedom can that add to their lives? These are ordinary parts of growing up that we can help Jaydon experience!

With your help, we can reshape their lives. Can you imagine if part of your home was inaccessible without help? If you couldn’t go to your bedroom whenever you liked? If moving from space to space was an ordeal? With lifts on the stairs comes an independence of movement. The whole house comes into reach. We can lift Jaydon up!

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