ARK Presents

Purple Seal

An Emblem of Charitable Achievement in Community Building

ARK Proudly Introduces the Purple Seal!

ARK (Accessibility Renovations for Kids) knows first hand the impact of charitable works by individuals and businesses in the construction industry. Without these companies and trades people it would literally be impossible for us to Reshape Their World with ARK Home Accessibility Renovations for kids with mobility issues and their families. We cannot be more grateful for their generous contributions of time, expertise, materials and financial support.

ARK decided that it would be fitting to recognize these community builders in a way that would make their contributions clear to all. And so the Purple Seal was conceived!

What is the Purple Seal?

The Purple Seal is an emblem of charitable achievement. Focused around the incredible support ARK receives onsite during a renovation, the Purple Seal will be awarded to companies and individuals who contribute directly to an ARK project through on-site work, administrative duties related to a project, or financial donations.

Each Purple Seal displays the name of the charity the donation was made to (ARK) and the year of the project.


A world where individuals and companies are inspired to make ongoing impactful contributions to community projects.


To recognize individuals and businesses in the construction industry for their charitable contributions which assist in building our community through ARK projects and initiatives.

Why Is The Purple Seal Good For My Business? 

Once you are awarded a Purple Seal, display it with pride! We will be doing everything we can to make the public aware of the meaning of the Purple Seal. We hope one day soon that the generosity and community-minded spirit of those who have earned their Purple Seal will be instantly recognizable.

ARK will reach out to all individuals, companies and organizations who are eligible for the Purple Seal to encourage them to display the seal on their company website, LinkedIn profile, email signatures, etc.  

How Do I Earn A Purple Seal?

Purple Seals are awarded to licensed companies and trades persons who have contributed or provided support to the onsite construction activities of a Purple Seal Project

For now, the only Purple Seal Projects are ARK Home Accessibility Renovations. We hope to expand this recognition program to other construction based charities in order to increase the recognition for those companies and individuals who have proven themselves true community builders.

The Purple Seal is issued to companies who have contributed to an ARK project.

The Purple Seal is to be awarded each year, with contributions to begin accumulating in the month of May.

The market value of the in-kind (material) donation or the hours of labour will be tracked by ARK, and Purple Seals will be automatically awarded to those who qualify.

The First Ever Purple Seals!

January 2021 saw the beginning of the very first Purple Seal Project: an ARK Home Accessibility Renovation for ARK Kid, Andrea. For Andrea ARK developed an accessible bathroom in their basement and installed a chair lift for access. Construction began in January and concluded with the installation of a chair lift at the end of May. For further details, see ARK’s projects page.

ARK is delighted to award 12 different companies with the Purple Seal based on their contributions to Andrea’s ARK Home Accessibility Renovation project.

(A very special thank you to ARKie Andrew Robinson for presenting these Purple Seals during the pandemic!)

Purple Seal Featured Recipients

Shift Accessibility

Shift Accessibility Contractors Ltd. is a general contracting company specializing in accessible and universal construction for homes and businesses throughout Calgary. Working with occupational therapists, homeowners, architects, and businesses to modify environments, SHIFT makes them accessible and more inclusive for people of all abilities.

Learn more about SHIFT's mission and meet co-founders Josh Peill and Griffin Simony as they speak about their experiences with ARK!

101 Mobility

101 Mobility offers equipment and modifications to ease the struggle to access all parts of a residence and aid those with mobility issues to live independently. With a variety of lifts, ramps and even residential elevators, they take pride in helping families across the Greater Calgary area find safety and independence.

Owners Vanessa Matthews, and Ashlyn Eggum take their client's mobility personally. Click below to hear it in their own words and to learn more about their contributions to ARK.

Purple Seal Highlighted REcipient

Lindsay O Creative

Lindsay O. Creative Interior Design is a full service Boutique Design studio in Calgary, AB Specializing in residential, hospitality and commercial design. Using a collaborative approach, they are inspired by their Clients and the challenges that they present, offering unique design solutions.

Lindsay O. Creative has been involved with ARK since our very first project. They successfully reimagined the en suite and main bathrooms in a 70's era home to create the blueprint for a welcoming and accessible bathroom for ARK Kid Caleb and a water closet for his parents.

They were awarded the Purple Seal for their accessible, fashionable and functional design of ARK Kid Andrea's brand new bathroom.

Lindsay O was guided to ARK through a mutual friend of one of our founding members. They spoke about ARK's mission and "he thought I would be a great fit."

“I been searching for a great way to use my professional expertise to give back to the community and this was a great opportunity.  I really enjoy being able to greatly improve someone’s day to day life through a more accessible space.”

The impact that an ARK Home Accessibility Renovation has on our ARK Kids is tangible. But for Lindsay, it never feels like enough:

“I’m always in awe of what these families have to do on a daily basis for their kids and what they endure with the limitations of their current space.  I just want to help as much as I can, and always finish off my portion of the project wanting to do more, wanting to help more and make more of a positive impact.”

Thank you, Lindsay O Creative for all you have done and will do for future charitable projects.

 Congratulations on earning one of the very first Purple Seals!

Purple Seal Recipients

CDL Carpet & Floor Centre

Thank you, CDL!
Tile and Installation


Thank you, Peter Huey!
Millwork and Cabinetry

Dauter Stone

Thank you, Dauter Stone!

Godden & Sons

Thank you, Godden & Sons!

Jennifer Carr Painting

Thank you, Jennifer Carr!

Shoemaker Drywall

Thank you, Shoemaker!
Drywall and Tile Backer Board Supplies

Sirs Plumbing and Heating

Thank you, Sirs!
Plumbing and Materials

Concrete Cutting Geeks

Thank you, Concrete Cutting Geeks!
Concrete Cutting Discount

Congratulations To All Our Purple Seal Recipients!