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Shift Accessibility Contractors LTD.

Meet Josh Peill and Griffin Simony; co-founders of Shift Accessibility Contractors Ltd. 

SHIFT is a general contracting company specializing in accessible and universal construction for homes and businesses throughout Calgary and area. Working with occupational therapists, homeowners, architects, and businesses they focus on creating accessible and inclusive environments for people of all abilities.

In 2018, Josh and Griffin realized a genuine need for accessibility experts in construction who could focus on the unique needs of disabled people and seniors. They recognized that currently available solutions were often inadequate.

This realization grew into a passion and a mission to develop more inclusive environments so that people of all abilities may live independently, seek opportunity, and be included. No project is too big or small, as they understand that even something as simple as a grab bar can make a significant impact for someone with mobility issues.

Josh acts as their construction manager and handles most of the onsite activities. A Red Seal Carpenter and Civil Engineering Technologist, Josh uses his many years of experience to get projects completed safely, at a high level of quality and providing clients with a barrier-free space they are proud to share with family, friends and colleagues.

Griffin works on the  Business Development side of things. He is a Civil Engineering Graduate with a passion for enabling individuals to stay within their homes and he believes in creating spaces that can be enjoyed by all.

They are both inspired by the positive impact of their work on their clients and the community as a whole and ARK could not be more thrilled that they were our very first Purple Seal recipients!

Watch Their interview Below! 

101 Mobility

101 Mobility is dedicated to finding solutions to mobility challenges of their clients. Offering an array of lifts, ramps and even residential elevators, they help people with mobility issues to live comfortably in their homes or to adapt commercial spaces to be more accessible. 

Locally owned and operated, this family-run business works tirelessly to give Calgarians the tools they need to lead an active and independent lifestyle. Vanessa Mathews and her daughter Ashlyn Eggum truly do take their client’s mobility challenges personally.

They believe that the best place for people to live is in their own homes and they provide the equipment and expertise necessary to make that possible.

Their desire to make the lives of mobility challenged Calgarians is a superb fit  with ARK’s mission, and they have been involved in two ARK Home Accessibility Renovations so far.

Their work impacts not only the person with mobility issues, but their families, a point that Ashlyn makes in the video interview below.


Thank you 101 Mobility, and congratulations on your Purple Seal


Congratulations To All Our Purple Seal Recipients!