Reshaping AMEN's and USHRIA's World

Amen and Ushria

Age: 4 and 6

Lives with: Both children live with microcephaly

For siblings Amen and Ushria, we eased their ability to enter and exit their home with a vertical platform lift and a raised porch so they can maneuver more easily at the top. We also renovated a bathroom to make it barrier-free and wheelchair accessible so the children don’t need to be carried into the shower anymore. 

Both of these renovations greatly increased the safety of accessing the home and the bathroom, enabling one parent to assist the children instead of requiring two.

ARK also assisted the with the application for a Residential Access Modification Program (RAMP) and contributed to funds not covered by the grant for inside stairlifts

On the exterior, a concrete ramp was added that leads up to the base of a vertical platform lift. The lift then raises the children up to the main level of the home. This is a great improvement over the previous access, as before the parents had to carry the children and their heavy wheelchairs up a large set of stairs. 

On the inside, two stair lifts were installed to allow for easy transport of the children between their bedrooms and a new barrier free washroom. The newly renovated washroom is built up to barrier free standards, and comes with an angled mirror, fold down change table, and a curbless shower. 

The family was thrilled with the end product, and couldn’t be happier with the work performed. ARK would like to thank Lindsay O’Creative, Shift Accessibility, Centurion Concrete, 101 Mobility, for their hard work, as well as the countless subcontractors and suppliers that brought this project to completion!

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Amen’s and Ushria’s remodeled, barrier-free washroom.

Amen’s and Ushria’s exterior platform lift.

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