Recipients of an ARK Accessibility Renovation are selected based on information provided about the nominees by parents, friends, doctors, and other support workers. By filling out the form below to nominate someone, you can let us know about a child you care about that needs some help at home to ease their daily life. ANYONE can nominate any eligible child.

Eligibility Requirements

We read and consider each nomination carefully. However, in hopes of providing the most impact to our recipients there are a few basic requirements to be eligible for consideration.

An ARK Kid must…

  • Be a child or youth up to 25 years old
  • Live in the Calgary area and in a home owned by their parents or guardian
  • Be in need of renovations that will improve their accessibility at home
  • Have a financial need

While we would love to reshape the worlds of all children with mobility challenges, our resources are limited. We endeavor to select ARK Kids that will benefit the most from our support. With continued support of our volunteers and donors, we hope to increase the number of ARK Kids each year. Please consider contributing in any way you can.


I have a child in mind that I would like to nominate, but they live outside of the Calgary area. Can I nominate them?
While we’d like to help all children with mobility issues, at this point in time, we are only focusing on children who are living within the city of Calgary.
Is family income a factor when deciding on a recipient?
Financial need is a consideration that we take into account in the selection process.
Do you have a maximum contribution limit?
We do not have a maximum contribution limit set at this time.
Is this a one-time application, or can I apply several times throughout the child’s lifetime?
If the child’s condition changes over the years, it’s possible that the scope of the renovations that they need will change as well. Therefore, please feel free to update us on the nominee as they grow older. We do keep all nominations and review them as new project opportunities become available, but please keep us updated with any changes.
I want to do more than just nominate a deserving child. How else can I help?
There are many ways to contribute to ARK’s success. You can make a donation, sponsor a project, or volunteer your time with us.


Nominate a child now

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