ARK is looking for partners!

ARK relies on the support from our generous sponsors, donors and volunteers to help complete our renovations for children with mobility issues. If you share our love of accessibility and easing the lives of children and their families, there are plenty of opportunities for your organization to get involved and become a sponsor:

  • If you’re involved in the trades, you can help supply the funds, workers, or materials needed to complete our renovations.
  • Not in the trades? You can still help by making a corporate donation or providing services that help our administration, communications, or our fundraisers.
  • Do you have a really creative way of helping us that we didn’t expect? Let us know!

Jaydon Reno Sponsors

The following companies and organizations partnered with us on our accessibility renovation for Jaydon:

Caleb Reno Sponsors

The list of companies who worked to make our renovation for Caleb a success are:

Let’s talk!

ARK would be happy to talk about possible opportunities. If you’d like to collaborate with us on a future project or more, please get in touch with either Sue Trefry or Cindy Eberth. Either would be happy to discuss any customized plan for your support.