It’s a Great Time to Give to Ark!!!

SHAW Charity Classic’s chip in for kids is on now!
Text kids018 to 30333

Shaw Charity Classic refuses to quit!

Once again, the fine folks at Shaw Charity Classic are running their incredible Chip in for Kids donating campaign.

Right now, donating to ARK is as easy as texting KIDS018 to 30333. You’ll donate $10 to ARK (which will show up on your next cellphone bill).

At the same time Shaw Charity Classic and the Birdies for Kids presented by Altalink are both boosting your donation.

This means that your quick and easy $10 donation could mean $30 for ARK to use to ease the everyday for our ARK Kids!

We here at ARK are experts at getting the most out your donation dollars. Thanks to Chip in for Kids, Shaw Charity classic and BFK, those dollars will do even more to Reshape Their World!

Why you Should Give To Ark

Your donation is invaluable to us and we are extremely grateful that you chose to donate your hard earned money to us. 

Around 95% of our costs go directly to our projects, so you can rest assured that your donation will have a tangible impact on our ARK Kids.

Because of Sue and Cindy’s experience with renovations and nonprofits, our team knows that not all of the children are living in accessible homes that suit their needs. Our vision is that no child should unduly struggle with accessibility in their own home. Your donation will help take us one step closer towards that vision, one child at a time.

Your gift will help Reshape Their World.


How will my donation be used?

Your donation will be mostly used to cover our renovation expenses. Only around 5% will go towards administration costs.

How are you collecting donations?

We accept both cash and ‘in-kind’ (material) donations. Online donations are processed through Paypal. We have also teamed up with Skip the Depot. A convenient way to do chores and charity at the same time!

I own/work for a company interested in helping ARK financially. Can I donate?

We are always looking for sponsorships for our projects. Please see our sponsorship page for more information. We are also pleased to meet and discuss a customized sponsorship arrangement.

I want to make an in-kind (materials) donation. Is that possible?

If you would like to make an in-kind donation, then please email Project Director Sue Trefry at to discuss options.