Wreaths & Wines was a success!

Our fundraiser on Nov. 22 raised close to $6000! Thanks to the public's generous contributions, we look forward to helping more children #ReshapeTheirWorld in 2019.

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There are 9,330 children and teens in Alberta living with a mobility disability that makes daily life a struggle for them and their families.

Source: Community Futures – Disability statistics for youth in Alberta

ARK wants to reshape these children’s worlds.

With the support of our donors, sponsors, and our great team of volunteers, ARK is able to help change the lives of these young Calgarians and their families for the better.

Using our strong team of volunteers and sponsors, we can provide many types of renovations or modifications, such as:

Illustration of ramp

building ramps outside the house,

Illustration of stair lift

installing stair lifts and hoists,

Illustration of bathroom renovations

and renovating bathrooms to improve accessibility (just to name a few).

Experts in our field.

Our team has years of experience with making homes more accessible. We also have members with extensive renovation and nonprofit management experience.

About our team
Jon Schiedel, our project director, hard at work.

Our approach

ARK receives nominations from a variety of sources for families that would benefit from an ARK renovation. We work endlessly to make sure that our renovations are suitable for the children that we work with, and that their parents are part of the decision making every step of the way.

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Our approach to renovations is direct and always communicated to the families we work with.

Our projects

We aim to complete one to two renovations a year with the generous support of our donors and sponsors.

Our current project is for 8 yr old Caleb who was born with Polymicrogyria which is a neurological disability. Caleb has limited mobility having to rely on a wheelchair or to be carried by his parents. Now that he is getting older and heavier, managing in a regular bathroom is quite difficult. ARK will be renovating the main floor bathroom to be fully accessible making daily life so much easier for Caleb and his parents.

If you would like to support Caleb and his family or any of our future projects, please consider becoming a donor or sponsor.

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There are plenty of ways for you to get involved with ARK:

Reshape their world.

Help us build a brighter future for children in Calgary suffering from mobility challenges.

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