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Easing the way for children challenged by mobility issues

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What's New At ARK?

ARK annual report cover

Impact Report

We are proud to present our second annual report covering June 2020 - May 2021.
Check out our "IMPACT REPORT"

Exciting New ARK Kids!

The Nominations Team has been very busy and has chosen to do two new projects with 3 new ARK Kids! Soha and Siblings Amen Ushria. Details coming soon!

ARK Launches the Purple Seal

ARK is thrilled to award the very first Purple Seals! This Emblem of Charitable Achievement was given out to 12 deserving companies for their amazing work on ARK Projects!

Look Who Got an Extra Lift!

ARK Kid Jaydon's project wrapped up Spring 2021, but an unexpected donation allows him to reach new heights!

What are the goals of ark?

ARK aims to help children living with mobility issues who reside in houses which were not built for their  needs.

Here in Calgary, an ARK Home Accessibility Renovation can Reshape Their World making the everyday easier for these ARK Kids and their families.

What is our renovation Process?


— Nominate

 A deserving child who is challenged by mobility issues is nominated by someone in their lives.  We determine if the child meets our basic requirements and the potential impact of an ARK Home Accessibility Renovation on the child.


— Meet the Family

We then meet with the family to assess the scope of the possible renovation and to verify that it is practical and beneficial to the child and family.


— Drafting, Planning and Permits

Once the decision has been made to go ahead with the renovation, we will then begin drafting and planning with as much input from the family as possible. With a plan in place, we then apply for all necessary permits.


— Fundraising and Awareness

ARK reaches out to the media, the public and our partners to secure funding and material resources for the renovation and raise awareness.  This includes special events and social media campaigns.


— Renovations

Certified tradesmen work to modify rooms so that they are barrier-free. We then install accessibility equipment like stair lifts and ramps.


— Family walkthrough

Lastly, we complete a walkthrough with the family to introduce them to their new barrier-free living space.

Our Stories

Kholbey's Story

Sweet little Kholbey has Cerebral Palsy, and needs a wheelchair to get around. She lives in a loving home with her parents and 3 siblings. Her family faces many challenges, both financial and medical, and ARK is proud to be able to help ease their daily burdens.

Andrea's Story

Andrea is a bright, friendly child who loves her dog, Lilly. She lives with spina bifida and hydro encephalopathy. Andrea frequently has seizures and needs constant monitoring. Unable to walk, she uses a wheelchair to navigate her world.

Caleb's Story

Our first accessibility renovation will be to give a full bathroom renovation for Caleb. Caleb is a happy and spirited 8-year-old boy born with polymicrogyria, a neurological disorder.

Jaydon's Story

We were thrilled to be able to add a lift to this renovation, allowing Jaydon to independently navigate his way to and from his brand new bathroom. It was ordered early in 2020 and was due to arrive in February or March…

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