ARK (Accessibility Renovations for Kids) is a Calgary charity that provides home accessibility renovations for families with kids who have mobility issues.

Make their house feel like their home.

Help us Reshape Their World!

Our Approach

Mission Statement

To ease the daily life of children with mobility challenges by providing modifications or renovations to their family home.

Vision Statement

A community where no child has to struggle unduly with accessibility in their own home.

Values Statement

We value honesty, integrity, reliability and openness. We work collaboratively with volunteers, community partners and our project recipients to create a safe, vibrant and accessible home where a child and their family can live with ease despite mobility challenges.

Our Renovation Process

Step 1: Nomination

A deserving child who struggles with mobility issues is nominated by someone in their lives.  We determine if the child meets our basic requirements and the potential impact of an ARK renovation on the child.

Step 2: Meeting with the Family

We then meet with the family to assess the scope of the possible renovation and to verify that it is practical and beneficial to the child and family.

Step 3: Drafting and Planning

Once the decision has been made to go ahead with the renovation, we will then begin drafting and planning with as much input from the family as possible.

Step 4: Applying for Permits

Once we are satisfied that our plans adequately address the child’s accessibility problems, we will apply for all necessary permits, and schedule all materials to be delivered.

Step 5: Material Selection

We only use industry-standard and high-quality materials and products.

Step 6: Modifying Rooms

Certified tradesmen work to modify rooms so that they are barrier-free.

Step 7: Accessibility Equipment Installation

We then install accessibility equipment like stair lifts and ramps.

Step 8: Walkthrough with the Family

Lastly, we complete a walkthrough with the family to introduce them to their new barrier-free living space.

Our Team

ARK is thriving thanks to a rapidly expanding group of talented and enthusiastic volunteers. These dedicated individuals serve as members of the board, create social media campaigns, seek out government funding and plan exciting fundraising events. That’s just for starters!

ARK is 100% volunteer driven. Our ARKies are the engine that makes ARK run and we are grateful for every single one of them! 

Whether they are collecting bottles at events like the Highland Games, or putting together detailed financial reports, creating bylaws and procedures or interviewing our sponsors for our newsletter or… well you get the idea.  

Whatever they do, our ARKies are amazing!

Our Leadership

Sue Trefry & Cindy Eberth  started ARK with the simple idea of easing the lives of children who struggle with mobility in their own homes.

Cindy’s experience with marketing and her enthusiasm for pushing the limits of what’s possible complements Sue’s methodical and practical perspective and experience with the construction industry.

Their kindness, dedication and passion to help others infuses all of ARK and provides inspiration to the ARKies.

Impact Reports


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