Reshaping Soha's World


Age: 14

Lives with: Triplex Syndrome

Soha’s project was an interior and exterior renovation headed up by ARK and our construction partner SHIFT. This renovation would ease Soha and her family’s access to the house without any interference and to create a barrier-free washroom.The exterior renovation consisted of a new concrete pathway from the front of the house to a newly installed back door, complete with a new tiled entryway. The interior renovation involved updating an existing washroom to barrier-free standards.

The washroom now has a new open shower allowing for ease of getting a wheelchair in and out, new toilet, new barrier-free sink and cabinetry for storage. The colour palette is a lighter design concept from the tiles to paint, to allow for a brighter and more comfortable space for Soha.

Thank you to Soha and her family for a memorable and great project!

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Soha’s renovated bathroom, outside, and front door

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